Solo work as Θ (theta):
2018 Θ (theta) - Hello X (Ice-9: project, podcasts) 
2018 Θ (theta) - orogen (ADVV: itunes, spotify, amazon) 
2016 Θ (theta) - last (Hel Audio: bandcamp)
2013 Θ (theta) - æ ω (Hel Audio: bandcamp)

Collaborative work and contributions as Θ (theta):
2018 WAR//PLAGUE - Into The Depths (Organize and arise: bandcamp)
2017 Tau Cross - Pillar of Fire (Relapse: bandcamp)
2017 Θ (theta) & Mitsumidai - The Hand OST (info, info)
2016 Θ (theta) & Mitsumidai - Uptake Fear OST (IMDB, Hel Audio: bandcamp)

As half of the duo metatag:
2018 metatag - Hello X podcasts (Ice-9: project, podcasts) 
2017 metatag - no backup (Game of life: bandcamp) 
2015 metatag - surrender (Hel Audio: bandcamp)
2014 metatag - transmission (Hel Audio: bandcamp)